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VES Send Off

I just live down the block, may I walk? Please drive through as we are trying to keep it as safe as possible with little to no physical contact.
That day/time isn't  good for me, can I come at a different time? The short answer is no, we really need you to come at your assigned time. (The long answer is we can work with you if there's absolutely no way you can make it. Trying to organize close to a 1,000 families coming by, following specific guidelines, and making sure textbooks, and library books are accounted for and organized gets very tricky when the person (the teacher) in charge of keeping track is only going to be there for 1 hour.)
We have siblings with different days can't we just come by once? See the answer above. While we understand that it may be inconvenient, to keep everything organized, to help everything run smoothly, and to make sure that textbooks don't get lost, misplaced, etc. we need families to come at each student's assigned day/time/lane. Again, please contact me if you need assistance.
I have twins that are at the same time, but different lanes/teachers. What do I do? If it's not too busy, driving through twice would be the most helpful, and a way for your child to see his/her teacher. However, this is easier for the teachers to make sure textbooks get to where they need to be since both teachers are there at the same time.
I have twins and they are at different times! Can we come just once? If you don't have anything to return to school please contact your child's teacher and we can easily make this happen. The problem will be that one of your children won't get to see his/her teacher. :(
My child is really looking forward to seeing his/her teacher. Can he/she hop out quickly to give his/her teacher a hug?  Oh how we wish!!! This is going to be the hardest part. This is definitely NOT the End-of-Year Send-Off we envisioned, it seems so quick and cold, and it breaks our hearts! For safety protocol we need families to stay in the car and throw air kisses and hugs at the teachers and staff.