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Parking Lot- Drop Off and Pick Up Information

Dear Veterans Families,

To ensure the safety for all students and staff, please refer to the information below and the attached maps for our drop-off and pick-up procedures.

South Parking Lot (Closest to the Main Playground and Cafeteria):

Please drive through this area slowly and carefully as this is the busiest area in the mornings and afternoons.

  • Parking Lot: If you have parked or are wanting your child to meet you in the parking lot PLEASE use the crosswalk. We have assigned a staff member there to make sure everyone gets across safely.
  • Right lane (closest to curb): This lane is used for drop-off and pick-up only. This is not a parking lane to wait. Please pull forward as far as possible to help with congestion.
  • Left lane: This lane is for drivers to use as a drive-thru once they have finished their drop-off or pick-up. Please drive carefully and be cautious of those crossing the street.


This parking lot is for TK and office parking ONLY. This is not a drop-off or pick-up area as the buses need to have their lane clear to remain on schedule and the parking lot is too small to accommodate additional vehicles during these times.


  • Gates open at 8am. If you need to drop off your child earlier, please register them with EDC so we can ensure they are being looked after in the morning before school OR park your vehicle in the south parking lot and have your child wait with you in the south parking lot, then safely walk them to the gate using the crosswalk.


  • If you arrive early for the 2:15 pick-up and your child is planning on looking for you in the pick-up lane, please pull as far forward as possible in the right hand lane.
  • If you have a pick up at 2:15 and 2:45, please pick your child up at 2:15, park in the parking lot, and get back in line (pulling as far forward as possible) once all students from the 2:15 pick up are gone. This will help alleviate congestion during pickups.


All families, students, and staff members want to feel safe and secure while coming and going from school. We ask that we all work together to make sure our parking lots are a safe place for everyone.

Pick Up and Dismissal Map
Map of Drop Off/Pick Up