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Fluency is defined as the ability to read with speed, accuracy, and expression, and comprehension. Those students may have difficulty with decoding skills or they may just need more practice with speed and smoothness in reading. Fluency is also important for motivation; children who find reading laborious tend not to want read!
Fluency is important because it bridges between word recognition and comprehension. It allows students time to focus on what the text is saying. They are able to make connections between what they are reading and their own background knowledge. ( 
10 Ways to Improve Reading Fluency
1. Read aloud to model fluency reading.
2. Have children listen and follow along with audio recordings. 
3. Practice sight words using playful activities. 
4. Have children perform a reader's theater. 
5. Do a daily buddy read or paired reading. 
6. Try echo reading (family reads first, child reads the same thing next). 
7. Encourage independent reading about topics of interest. 
8. Re-read favorite books and stories. 
9. Teach your children how to track their words and reading. Use a ruler or finger to follow the words being read. 
10. Have your children read aloud as much and as often as possible whether at home or out in the community. 
Jack Hartman uses music and fun visuals to make letters and sight words come to life! 
Site Word Review Alphabet  
First grade families, would you like to get a head start on second grade words? Second grade families, does your student need to review sight words from this past year? 
Example of 2nd grade high frequency words